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Courses WS 93/94HoursGrade
Experimental Physics I (lecture)4 
Experimental Physics I (exercise)2passed
Higher Mathematics I (lecture)5 
Higher Mathematics I (exercise)21.0
Inorganic Chemistry (lecture)5 
Inorganic Chemistry (laboratory)8passed
Courses SS 94HoursGrade
Experimental Physics II (lecture)4 
Experimental Physics II (exercise)2passed
Higher Mathematics II (lecture)5 
Higher Mathematics II (exercise)21.0
Organic Chemistry (lecture)2 
Courses WS 94/95HoursGrade
Experimental Physics III (lecture)3 
Experimental Physics III (exercise)1passed
Higher Mathematics III (lecture)5 
Higher Mathematics III (exercise)2passed
Theoretical Physics I (lecture)4 
Theoretical Physics I (exercise)2passed
Practical Exercise in Physics for Beginners 1a (laboratory)4passed
Practical Exercise in Physics for Beginners 1b (laboratory)4passed
Courses SS 95HoursGrade
Experimental Physics IV (lecture)3 
Experimental Physics IV (exercise)1passed
Theoretical Physics II (lecture)4 
Theoretical Physics II (exercise)2passed
Practical Exercise in Physics for Beginners 2 (laboratory)5passed
Courses WS 95/96HoursGrade
Experimental Physics V (lecture)4 
Theoretical Physics III (lecture)4 
Theoretical Physics III (exercise)2passed
Surface and Interface Physics I (lecture)2 
Surface and Interface Physics I (exercise)1passed
Advanced Laboratory I8passed
Courses SS 96HoursGrade
Experimental Physics VI (lecture)4 
Surface and Interface Physics II (lecture)2 
Surface and Interface Physics II (exercise)1passed
Advanced Laboratory II8passed
Courses Fall '96HoursGrade
Information Systems3A
HTML for Poets3A
Classical Electrodynamics II3B
Intermediate Quantum Mechanics I3A
Advanced Quantum Mechanics3B
Courses Spring '97HoursGrade
Computer Networks3A
Solid State Physics3A
Statistical Physics3AB
Courses WS 97/98HoursGrade
Diploma Thesis38.51.3
Courses SS 98HoursGrade
Diploma Thesis38.51.3


  • First Semester

    Experimental Physics I - Mechanics and Thermodynamics

    • Mechanics of Rigid and Deformable Bodies
    • Mechanical Oscillations and Waves
    • Transport of Heat

    Higher Mathematics I

    • Vector calculus
    • Analytic Geometry
    • Matrices, Determinats, Systems of Linear Equations
    • Complex Numbers
    • Series, Power Serties
    • Elementary Functions
    • Differentiation
    • Taylor Formula

    Inorganic Chemistry

    • Basics of general Chemisty
    • Structure of Atoms
    • Chemical Bonding
    • Types of Reactions
    • Säure-Base Theorie,
    • elektrochemische Spannungsreihe
    • Chemie der Hauptgruppenelemente.

    Practical Exercise in Chemistry

    • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Samples
  • Second Semester

    Experimental Physics II - Electricity and Optics

    • Laws of Electricity
    • Electromagnetic Waves
    • Optical Instruments
    • Propagation of Light and Introduction to Special Relativity

    Higher Mathematics II

    • Stammfunktion,
    • Differentialgleichungen mit konstanten Koeffizienten,
    • bestimmtes Integral,
    • uneigentliches Integral,
    • Funktionen mehrerer Veränderlicher,
    • partielle Differentation,
    • Taylorformel,
    • Extrema.

    Organic Chemistry

    • Struktur und Nomenklatur einfacher organischer Verbindungen,
    • Struktur und makroskopische physikalische Eigenschaften,
    • Reaktivität von Kohlenwasserstoffen und Verbindungen mit funktionellen Gruppen.

    Exam in Chemestry (grade 2.3)

  • Third Semester

    Experimental Physics III - Physics of Atoms

    • Introduction to the Structure of Atoms
    • Classical and Quantum
    • Mechanical Models of Atoms
    • Atomic Spectra
    • Atoms in Magnetic and Electric Fields
    • Introduction to the Periodic System of Elements

    Higher Mathematics III

    • Vector calculus
    • Function Theory
    • Volumenintegrale,
    • Oberflächenintegrale,
    • Sätze von Gauß und Stokes,
    • lineare Differentialgleichungen

    Theoretical Physics I - Mechanics of Point Systems

    • Newtonian Mechanics
    • The Rigid Body
    • Lagrange and Hamilton Formulations of Higher Mechanics

    Practical Exercise in Physics for Beginners 1a, b

    Exam in Mathematics (grade 2.3)

  • Forth Semester

    Experimental Physics IV - Nuclear Physics

    • Introduction to the Structure of the Nucleus
    • Elementary Particles
    • Accelerators
    • Nuclear Measuring Devices
    • Nuclear Reactions and Radioactive Decay

    Theoretical Physics II - Foundations of Quantum Theory

    • The Schrödinger Equation
    • The Quantum-theoretical Formalism in Schrödinger-, Heisenberg- and Interaction-picture
    • Time-independent and Time-dependent Perturbation Theory
    • Applications to One-Particle Problems

    Practical Exercise in Physics for Beginners 2

    • Electronics

    Exam in Theoretical Physics (grade 1.7)

    Exam in Experimental Physics (grade 1.7)


  • Fifth Semester

    Experimental Physics V - Physics of Molecules

    • General Properties of Molecules
    • Spectra of Molecules and Chemical Bonding

    Theoretical Physics III - Electrodynamics

    • Maxwell Equations of Electrodynamics, their Solutions and Applications
    • Introduction to Special Theory of Relativity
    • Introduction to Interactions of the Electromagnetic Field with Matter

    Advanced Laboratory I

    Surface and Interface Physics I

  • Sixth Semester

    Experimental Physics VI - Solid State Physics

    • Crystallic Structure and Bonding Properties of Electrons
    • Thermic, Magnetic, Electric and Optical Properties of Metals
    • Semiconductors and Isolators
    • Physics of Crystallic Defects

    Surface and Interface Physics II

    Advanced Laboratory II

    Exam in Surface and Interface Physics (grade 1.3)

  • Seventh Semester

    International exchange at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Schedule and grades of the first semester.
  • Eighth Semester

    International exchange at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Schedule and grades of the second semester.

    Master of Science (GPA 3.68)

  • Ninth Semester

    Exam in Computer Science (grade 1.0 - transferred)

    Exam in Theoretical Physics (grade 1.3 - transferred)

    Exam in Experimental Physics (grade 1.3)

    Diploma Thesis

  • Tenth Semester

    Diploma Thesis

    Java Applets simulating road traffic and pedestrian streams.

    Diplom (GPA 3.74)

    Publication on self-organizing pedestrian movement in Environment and Planning.

Standardized Tests


    Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Total Score % TWE
  • GRE

    Verbal% Quantitative% Analytical%

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